One minute of first aid knowledge, one lifetime of happy life —— “ICCPRA Community Philanthropy Series Lecture (II)

One minute of first aid knowledge, one lifetime of happy life —— “ICCPRA Community Philanthropy Series Lecture (II)

On the afternoon of October 8, 2022 (San Francisco time, USA), “ICCPRA Community Philanthropy Series Lecture( II) First-Aid Strategies for Community and Home” and The Second Class of American Red Cross CPR Training was Successfully held in University of San Jose campus.
Kenny Miao, Executive Manager of ICCPRA International Community Philanthropy Industry (ICPIE) introduced the “Basic Methods of the Elderly’s Urgent Care” and “The Prevention of Elderly Fall”. Specifically, it includes: 1) Seven external environment modification methods; 2) The three principles of self-help for the elderly when falling; 3) The mutual rescue method for the elderly when they fall; 4) The six-character secret of “C C CABD”. Specifically, it includes confirming the patient’s consciousness, calling an ambulance, circulation, airway, breathing, and defibrillating.

USJ instructor, and American Red Cross certified instructor Jose Isidro taught American Red Cross CPR/AED/First Aid courses. Jose has more than 30 years’ experience as a CPR instructor. As a veteran naval officer, he had a lot of research on community and home first aid. His lectures include “how the disabled use CPR to help others”, “how to deal with being bitten by a wild animal accidentally”, “how to self-rescue from chocking” and other useful first aid knowledges.

School of ICCPRA of USJ is an innovative international college founded by USJ which is the 501C (3) NGO, and cultivating the talents of integration between industry and education in the philanthropy industry. By creating a teaching model of “Degree Improvement, Talent Development, and Enterprise Operations”, SICCPRA aims to compound high-level talents with MBA degrees, proficiency in CPR technology and efficient operation of ICCPRA management for the international community.

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