ICCPRA First Aid Principle: Personal First Aid Community – The Most Important Social Circle

ICCPRA First Aid Principle: Personal First Aid Community – The Most Important Social Circle

I. Introduction – Who is on the Scene First? On August 21, 2022, Mr. Zhang was enjoying his leisure time in a city park. Suddenly, he experienced severe chest pain and collapsed to the ground, causing panic among the people around him, who hesitated to approach. At this critical moment, a young man passing by swiftly stepped forward and began CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation), stabilizing Mr. Zhang’s condition until the ambulance arrived. This young man was a CPR first aider, and his timely rescue saved Mr. Zhang from the crisis. Luxury cars, mansions, and extravagant goods are all wonderful, but high-quality living goes beyond material possessions. In this new era that emphasizes life quality, we desire a healthier, safer, and more dignified life. We hope to receive timely and effective assistance in life-threatening situations, just like the young man in the park. Personal first aid communities and personal first aid cards have become essential components of this new high-quality lifestyle.

II. ICCPRA First Aid Principle 

1: Personal First Aid Must Be Based on Community Models In a world full of unknowns and variables, we must acknowledge a fact: even the greatest heroes cannot rely solely on self-aid in emergency situations. No matter how resilient or courageous you are, a sudden heart attack, choking, or accidental injury may render you unable to self-rescue in a timely manner, leading to more severe consequences. This is why we need to reconsider and embrace the ICCPRA first aid principle: personal first aid must be based on community models. This concept entails considering those closest to us, such as family, friends, colleagues, and neighbors, as our “first aid community.” In life-threatening moments, this first aid community may arrive faster than any professional rescue team. In this model, we not only learn first aid skills ourselves but also help our community members acquire them. By sharing knowledge, we can create an environment where everyone can provide basic first aid – this is our first aid community. Each individual in this community has the potential to become a life guardian or someone who needs assistance. It’s a mutual aid model because we know that in emergencies, we can rely on our community, not just ourselves. This is the core of the ICCPRA first aid principle and an indispensable part of our lives. III. ICCPRA First Aid Principle 

2: Continuous Empowerment of the Personal First Aid Community However, possessing first aid skills alone is not enough. ICCPRA’s second first aid principle emphasizes that the personal first aid community requires continuous empowerment. This empowerment includes updating first aid knowledge, familiarizing with and using new technological equipment, and cultivating self-psychological adjustment in emergency situations. The goal of empowerment is to enable everyone to calmly use their knowledge and skills when facing sudden situations and become effective first responders. Continuous empowerment is like continuous watering of seeds, allowing the skills of every individual in the first aid community to improve, making our community stronger and more capable in facing life’s challenges. Through these two first aid principles of ICCPRA, we see the possibility of a practical and warm social circle, a higher quality of life – the personal first aid community. It not only provides timely rescue in life-threatening situations but also fosters a more united and caring community, ensuring our lives are safer and more secure.