ICCPRA Announces Start of Annual “CPR Instructor of the Year” Award Selection in AllCPR training chain centers

ICCPRA is excited to announce the commencement of this year’s “CPR Instructor of the Year ” award selection process. The criteria for selection have been carefully developed to identify and honor the most outstanding CPR instructors within our organization. Please note, the selection criteria will not be publicly disclosed and have been directly communicated to eligible instructors to ensure transparency and fairness within our internal processes. We look forward to celebrating the exceptional contributions of our CPR instructors who play a crucial role in advancing our mission of promoting health and safety education. The winner of the award will be announced at our upcoming annual meeting, where we will also highlight the achievements of all our dedicated instructors. For more information, please visit our website (https://iccpra.org, https://allcpr.org ) call +1 (408) 571-6516, or email cpr@usjus.org to get in touch with us.