ICCPRA Announces New CPR and BLS Training Center in Tampa, FL

The International Community CPR Alliance (ICCPRA) is thrilled to unveil its latest CPR and Basic Life Support (BLS) training center in Tampa, Florida. The new facility will welcome the community starting July 6, 2024, located at 15438 North Florida Avenue Ste 106, Tampa, FL 33613. This initiative is a pivotal element of ICCPRA’s ongoing efforts to enhance the dissemination of emergency medical knowledge, provide training for international first responders, and establish community-based emergency response teams.

Dedicated to the innovative development of international community emergency responses, the Tampa center will conduct daily, engaging, and affordably priced classes. These sessions aim to issue participants nationally recognized, OSHA-compliant certificates, equipping them with the crucial skills and confidence needed to enact life-saving interventions in both community settings and workplaces.

The center’s educational offerings include CPR courses from the American Red Cross, tailored for general job requirements, and American Heart Association BLS courses, specifically designed for healthcare professionals in industries such as dentistry, daycare, and nursing. Emphasizing essential first-aid abilities, the curriculum provides hands-on experience in Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) through simulated situations and interactive learning strategies.

ICCPRA is providing the most competitive pricing for American Red Cross and American Heart Association courses in the region, complemented by a price-matching policy to guarantee that high-quality training remains accessible and economical. By serving as a licensed training provider for these organizations, ICCPRA directs all course proceeds towards fostering the growth of local educational frameworks.

The launch of this training center in Tampa signifies a significant leap in ICCPRA’s commitment to fostering safer community environments via comprehensive education and training. The organization encourages community members to engage in their daily classes, contributing to the cultivation of a more informed and resilient society.

For those interested in finding American Red Cross CPR classes near Tampa, American Heart Association BLS certification, or learning more, please visit our website at ICCPRA.org, call +1 (408) 443-3055, or email cpr@usjus.org to get in touch with us!

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