Congratulations on Arizona First-Aids Philanthropy Community Officially Establish

Congratulations on Arizona First-Aids Philanthropy Community Officially Establish

Arizona First-Aids Philanthropy Community was established on October 30, 2020. It aims to support the Community to build the First Aid Volunteers team and provide the emergency service for the elders/teenagers/family in the community. If you have obtained CPR/ICPIS/ICPIM/ICPIE certificate-related qualifications in Arizona, you are welcome to attend the First Aid Volunteers team to build Arizona First-Aids Philanthropy Community with us together.

 Miss Huaqing Gao, American Red Cross CPR Certified, ICCPRA ICPIS, acts as the team leader of the First Aid Volunteers group in Arizona First-Aids Philanthropy Community. Congratulations on Miss Gao and the Establishment of Arizona First-Aids Philanthropy Community. 

ICCPRA will help the members to open the interactive and reciprocal activities between members and the community, adhere to the service tenet of “The man of perfect virtue, wishing to be enlarged himself, seeks also to enlarge others”, integrate social resources, and contribute to the peaceful and healthy development of human society. 

ICCPRA (International Community CPR Alliance) is a professional certification training organization affiliated with USJ. To promote the development of Chinese community philanthropy, ICCPRA provides a series of first aid courses, especially for the Chinese community in North America. ICCPRA provides American Red Cross CPR training courses and community philanthropy industry specialist (ICPIS) certification training and USJ MBA advanced courses for community executive specialist ICPIE.